What Are The Best Accessories For My 3Doodler 3D Pen?

Looking to get the most from your 3Doodler pen? Well, these accessories will help you do just that. Take a look at them below.

  1. NozzleSet Review

The NozzleSet is the first accessory you should buy for your 3Doodler pen. This 3D pen nozzle set includes 6 nozzles, a nozzle changer, and a storage case. An essential part of mastering the creative designs that are possible when using a 3Doodler pen is to be able to vary the diameters and shapes of the extrusion.

A larger diameter gives you the ability to create rigid and strong supports, at the cost of additional plastic. The triangle and ribbon extrusions offer additional options.

This Nozzle Set works on the 3Doodler 2.0 pen and cannot be used with the original 3Doodler pens. However, the original 3Doodler has a set of nozzles available. If you don’t already have a NozzleSet, you should definitely go out and get one. The 3D Doodler is one of many of these 3D pens on the market.

  1. 3Doodler Pedal Review

3Doodler Pedal allows you to use your feet to control the 3Doodler pen extrusion. This is similar to the pedal for a sewing machine. You use your foot to control the machine, which leaves your hands free to maneuver your material.

However, the 3Doodler pedal may not help as much as want. Although you control the extrusion of the 3D pen with the pedal, you still need to hold the pen. So, you’ll still need to use one of your hands.

Using the pedal to control extrusion may give you a better command of the pen’s extrusion rate. You won’t need to worry about holding the pen. If you don’t have a foot pedal, you will need to keep your fingers on the controls, which limits the freedom you have to manipulate the pen.

The foot pedal can be used with the 3Doodler 2.0 and the original 3Doodler. In summary, the pedal allows you minor control and usability. This upgrade should only be purchased if you’re serious about 3D doodling.

  1. JetPack Portable Charger Review

The Jet Pack Portable Charger is a battery which allows you to take your 3Doodler 2.0 anywhere. According to the ads, this pen can provide a user with 3 hours of PLA use and 2 hours with ABS. This charger comes with a belt clip so that you can wear your pen wherever you go. This makes your 3Doodler a traveling 3D pen.

This portable charger is considered an impulse purchase. Most of your doodling sessions will last for multiple hours and will take place in a room with an electric or power outlet.

The only reason to buy this accessory is if you have small projects that require the portability of a battery-powered 3D pen, then it may be difficult to justify this purchase. The Jet Pack Portable Charger only fits the 3Doodler 2.0, but it is not compatible with the original 3Doodler pen.

  1. Doodlestand Review

The Doodlestand holds the 3Doodler 2.0 pen. The stand holds an array of several plastic strands. Although this stand is able to hold a hot 3Doodler in an upright position. The Doodlestand looks slick, but you might consider passing on this item, unless you have a large amount of work-space dedicated to your 3D pen.

A 3Doodler can easily fit horizontally into a drawer or bin. Tabletop real estate in your project or craft room often comes at a premium. This stand will not have a home on the desk of most 3Doodlers.

This stand only fits the 3Doodler 2.0, not the original 3Doodler. There is a stand for the original 3Doodler. The pen is held vertically. This will include buttons for pen extrusion control.

  1. Doodlepad Review

The Doodlepad is a plastic, transparent pad with grid lines. This pad can be used as a build surface. Place it over the item you want to be traced.

The pad offers a firm base for your first extrusion. This allows creations to be removed after you make them. This can be reused several times. There’s no reason you should not have one of these. This is a must have accessory if you plan on tracing stencils.

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