The Man Bun: 15 Reasons to Love It (Part 2)

We gave you the scoop on the first set of seven lovable qualities of the man bun in our part one article, and now we have finally returned with part two! If you haven’t yet indulged yourself with this lazy yet enticing new look, today may just be the day to hop onto the trend train! Read on to discover the final top eight reasons to love the man bun!

Number Eight: The Reason for the Trend

Besides giving men with long locks the ability to control their hair when it gets in the way, the man bun emerged primarily as a statement for its wearers. The style is primarily used by men who want to create a diverse image from the classic slicked-back haircuts and contour haircuts. It is also worn by a large number of male celebrities, in order to add a particular edge to their reputation.

Number Seven: Why You Should Bun It Up

In addition to the ultimate convenience of the hairstyle, there is one main reason that you boys need to embrace this look: the effect it has on women. It’s hard to explain why girls flock to the wearers of the man bun, but we suspect it has something to do with the rugged edge and pure, primal virility of the look. It is the manly, long-hair-don’t-care look that we crave, and it makes us want to run our fingers through it and tie it back up for you.

Number Six: The Classic Look

When embracing the masculine look of the man bun, it is often accompanied by thick facial hair. If you are considering trying the style, opt for a full makeover by growing a beard as well to achieve the peak of masculinity.

Number Five: Washing the Locks is Important

When embracing a style for which long, luxurious locks of hair are necessary, it is important to care for your hair the best you can. With this in mind, shampoo and conditioner are the keys to bringing your hair to its most flattering form. Skip the combined shampoo/ conditioner products, and try out a bunch of different options to figure out which is right for your hair. Also, don’t wash your hair with body wash. We know how you work.

Number Four: Manage the Damage

As we women have known for years, long hair is exceptionally prone to becoming damaged, which will take away from the visual beauty of your luscious man bun. To avoid as much damage as possible, we have a few helpful tips. Never towel dry your hair or use a blow dryer, try wrapping it with a tee shirt instead and let it air dry. The rough material of towels will be more likely to break or damage the strands. Also, use a comb instead of a brush, and keep up with trimming your split ends.

Number Three: Not a Tribute to Samurais

As much as we would all like to believe the opposite, the man bun is not a tribute to Samurai culture. In fact, most Samurais wouldn’t have anything to do with this particular style; it is only a product of the media that the hairstyle is associated with these classic warriors. Most traditional Japanese Samurais actually wore a style called the chonmage, which was characterized by shaving a few inches beyond the forehead. Try pulling that one off, hipsters.

Number Two: The Man Bun in Pop Culture

Due to the rising popularity and questionable nature of the man bun, we probably aren’t the first ones to tell you that the internet has created quite the array of hilarious parodies in pop culture. There are a lot of catchy opportunities for comedic takes on the style, but we highly recommend viewing the Man Bun Song, offered by Quipstar.

Number One: The Real Scoop

The emergence of the man bun in today’s culture is seen not only as a fashion trend or edgy addition to a man’s image, but also primarily as a redefining of gender roles for a new generation of people. Adding a masculine touch to a hairstyle that was initially accepted to be feminine has had revolutionary effects on traditional gender roles that no one ever expected. We hope you enjoyed reading about the 15 reasons to fall in love with the man bun!

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