5 Best Celebrity Beards

Today, just achieving the toned biceps and the six-pack abs are not enough for the image conscious modern men. There is a very big trend of growing facial hair today and to a large extent the Hollywood celebrities have played a big role in it.

Thanks to the presence of the electric shavers and beard trimmers that allow you to portray the best celebrity beard styling all by yourself. You need to surf the Internet. Let us find out the top 5 celebrities that might go well with your facial structure and attitude as well.

Brad Pitt

The Hollywood celebrity, Brad Pitt sports different types of beard frequently. He believes in experimenting with different beard styling every now and then and hence in almost every public appearance that he makes, you will find him in a different beard shape and length. Pitt has also claimed that he loves growing beard. If you have kept a close track of his appearances, you will find that he has kept a goatee, long, curly and even perm beards.

George Clooney

It might sound surprising, but the fact is that the facial hair styling of this Hollywood actor was once such a craze among the young and grown up men that the sales of straight razors declined to the lowest. Geroge Clooney, at such an age, is still a heartthrob and his fans; especially his female fans prefer him to keep his thick beard than without it.

Leonardo DiCaprio

It has been decades since women get turned on with Leonardo’s boyish look and charm. But, it seems that his sideburns and goatee has been the main reasons for appealing to so many Victoria Secret models, which got into relationships with him as well. There are perhaps very few celebrities who can make a goatee appear so cool and stylish in the most casual manner.

Wayne Rooney

With his good looks and attractive charm, he is no less than a Hollywood celebrity. But, he is the Manchester United club football player; know for his stubble on the chins, he perfects this by using the best stubble trimmer on the market. There are several fans of the international football player who prefer the stubble chin look, because it looks trendy and smart, if maintained properly.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is one such Hollywood actor who has always been praised for his attractive looks and has millions of female fans. The figure doubled after he was sported with stubble on his chin and it acquired immense popularity. In fact, it was his beard that also got him a Twitter account, with the name, @Afflecks_beards. It was once claimed that Ben’s facial hair is the best in the entire Hollywood industry.

The above mentioned are the top 5 celebrities with the best beards. If you want to portray the same appearance, you must opt for reliable and efficient electric razors for your styling hair on the face and become the celebrity in your group.

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